The SJTPO is responsible for the transportation planning for the four southern-most New Jersey counties of Salem, Atlantic, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties. In order to update the regional travel demand model and support general planning efforts across the region, SJTPO sponsored a regional travel survey in the spring of 2014. In addition to the standard questions regarding demographics and travel behavior patterns on a specific travel day, this survey included a supplemental survey that queried residents about their travel to the Jersey shore “in general” for recreational purposes as well as specifically on casino visits. This presentation will summarize the overall survey results, then focus specifically on the shore survey component – the results, how it is validated, and implications/insights for SJTPO future planning efforts. The presentation will also focus on some of the challenges--including trying to meet the targets of the "Hard to-Reach" households and obtaining certain types of information (such as household income) as well as highlight results of an informal survey done regarding how surveys are funded and what that might mean for paying incentives.